We are a personnel agency focused on providing job positions in the area of nursing services in the Netherlands


Since 2014 we operate as a personnel agency focused on providing job positions in the area of nursing services in the Netherlands.

We are a growing company whose priority is to become a valuable and reliable partner for our foreign partners as well as for our workers.

Our aim is to fulfill the requirements, ideas and needs of both parties and to achieve mutual satisfaction through their alignment. We offer professionalism of services, certainty and a human approach. Our personal work experiences in nursing area are also helpful by achieving our success.

If you are looking for the right people for your clients or a suitable job position for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • we do not take any fees
  • we always without exception provide complete and true information about client´s state
  • in relationship care assistant – family we pursue bothsided contentment not one-sided contentment
  • we really care for our care assistants, we gradually contact them and make sure everything is allright
  • in case of some problems we take the position of interest and solving the matter
  • if needed we are of use 24/7
  • we have a lot of satisfied workers



  • good health – physical and mental capability for nursing work
  • health care assistant training course or experiences with nursing work
  • English or German language – intermediate level at least – that means more than basics
  • you should be willing to work, have positive and empathetic attitude to elderly and ill  people and an ability to adapt to the needs of others
  • age up to 68 years



  • constant care for client
  • minimal length of staying is 6 weeks, possibility to work 2 or 3 months as well – according to the agreement
  • leisure time 16 hours a week minimally – we guarantee this minimal leisure time at each work position



  • work suitable for self – employed people
  • no fees
  • travel costs for one route reimbursed by 6 week length of stay, travel costs for both routes reimbursed by 3 month length of stay. We can ensure the transport for you, but you are free to choose kind of transport too
  • accommodation and food for free
  • possibility of long- term cooperation, stable work, we provide complete consultancy before departure abroad and during stay, an excellent knowledge of work place is granted
  • we provide you other information in person or by phone



  • cv in English or German language with inserted actual photo of face ( passport size).
  • short questionnaire which you can find in the section ,, Documents ” at this website
  • filled chart – ,, Summary of health care assistant experiences ´´( also in the section Documents )
  • consent to the processing of personal data – you can download it from the website and send it to us together with other materials
  • scan of health care assistant training course or scan of leaving examination certificate
  • references, if there are some
  • criminal record not older than 3 months

In case of any other information, do not hesitate to contact us at the phone number +421 948 535 669.


Considering our effort to expand and develop our activities and considering constantly increasing interest of Slovak people in working abroad, we are interested in cooperations with new Dutch partners, who are able to ensure suitable work places for our workers.

Our personnel company is cooperating with qualified and educated nurses. Most of them have several years of experiences in nursing area, also in the Netherlands. They are reliable and willing to provide the best services to your clients and by affordable conditions.


This model of work is wide-spread in countries like Austria or Germany, where Slovak nurses could apply their knowledge and skills on the market there.

Nurse lives together with the client in his/her household, it is a similar model to au – pair. She/he is present there 24 hours a day, except the time off. Her/his work itself represents around 6 hours a day. The rest of the time, a nurse keeps the client company and looks after him/her.

Nurse is entitled to have around 16 hours a week off, when she/he can leave the client ́s household – according to the agreement with the client.

Job describtion:

  • complete care about client: help with hygiene, toilet, putting on clothes , help with walking,  assistance with taking pills, help with feeding, catheter changing and similar activities required  by client ́s conditions
  • household care activities: tiding up, cooking, doing the shopping and other activities concerning  household
  • walks, spending free time, visiting a doctor, guidance anywhere needed


Nurses conduct Slovak free trade, which means, they pay tax, social and health insurance in Slovakia, all the obligations are fulfilled in Slovakia. They sign a contract with our company.

Nurses usually tend to work for a client 2 or 3 months. After they take six weeks off, which is a minimal period, we ensure replacement during this time. After this break, nurse comes back and continues working.

In general, intervals of work alternation and days off are individual, but our effort is to provide stable workers as much as possible and therefore to ensure stability for your clients. Certainly, our company ensures transport of nurses to their work.


Total amount of this service is about 80% lower than amount, that such service would cost in the Netherlands. These costs are financed from PGB or/and WMO.

In case, our offer made impression on you , or you have any questions in this regard, feel free to contact us.


TuranCorp s.r.o.
Námestie slobody 7
071 01 Michalovce, Slovak Republic
+421 948 535 669

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